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"The cost of a thing is the amount of life which is required to be exchanged for it." - Henry David Thoreau 

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I support nurses, new and aspiring healthcare leaders, and healthcare professionals to prioritize self-care while achieving their goals.

Leadership Coaching

For new and growing healthcare leaders.

Nurse Coaching

For student, new graduate and experienced nurses in all fields.

Life Coaching

For motivated individuals seeking to make life changes.


Brandy Gleason


As an experienced registered nurse with a board certification in nurse coaching, I offer a unique perspective and skill set to better help you on your journey. I believe in a holistic approach to nurse coaching, one which considers all aspects of your health and well-being.


A small shift in perspective has the power to change your life. Together, we can create a step-by-step plan to regain and maintain resilience, and achieve your goals. You already have the answers; my job is to help you recognize them!

Please contact me for a free introductory phone call to determine if coaching is the right next step for you.


I would love to hear from you

S.Rollins, BSN

I loved Brandy's calm and attentive demeanor.  Brandy was compassionate, empathetic and "present" with me during our sessions.  I learned about how freeing and empowering it is to take imperfect action. I learned to continue moving forward even when not meeting my own expectations, to not give up and keep going. I recommend Brandy to anyone wanting greater empowerment meeting goals, overcoming roadblocks, needing business coaching and greater belief in themselves.   


C.L. Flood, RN



Brandy is a compassionate and knowledgeable coach. She is able to turn any ambition into measurable goals. Brandy is a powerful listener, I always felt seen and respected.

Her ability to recognize where I was and stay focused on my goals around school was such a motivational thing work on! I recommend Brandy for anyone that needs help refocusing on what is important to them and then taking action!

H. Iverson, BSN



When I began working with Brandy, I had recently left a toxic work environment and wondered if I should quit nursing altogether. Brandy held space for me to process and find my passion for nursing again. She offered compassionate and insightful feedback, which helped me identify barriers holding me back. Our sessions left me feeling grounded and centered, much calmer than before. Her leadership experience in nursing and her no-nonsense, yet empathetic style of coaching makes her an ideal nurse coach for other nurses, and for any professional seeking transformation.

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