VisionShift 13 Week Program

Month 1

The first month is all about identifying what you want to change or accomplish, why you want to make the change and how you will get there. We will work together to craft your vision, and then create a step by step plan to get you there. I will help you achieve your vision by creating goals and a plan in 30-day increments. Before you take your first step, we will identify any anticipated barriers and create a plan for tackling those, too.

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VisionShift 13 Week Program

Month 2

In month two, it is time to implement your first 30-day plan! We will continue to meet together during this time so that I can help keep you accountable, celebrate your successes and assist you in readjusting your plan as needed.

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VisionShift 13 Week Program

Month 3

In month three, we will implement your second 30-day plan. At the end of month three, we will take a look back at your progress and celebrate all that you have accomplished so far!

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