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VisionShift: Step 1 - Coaching

Dear Friends,

It has been a year of change in our household! Someone once told me, change creates opportunity that did not otherwise exist. I have tried to adopt that mindset because, change is life, and life is a series of many, many changes. This year, life forced me to slow down. It gave me the opportunity to evaluate my purpose, and the impact I wanted to have on my community, and the world.

A favorite hiking spot and view of things that symbolize change/transition: A bridge, a flowing river, a path and a cairn.

Last year, I had the opportunity to become a board-certified nurse coach. My original plan was to utilize my new skills and certification in my leadership role. Instead, a new vision was forming. At first it was a whisper, and a little tug on my heart strings. As life kept validating this vision in many ways, I now know I am supposed to move forward.

My vision is that every nurse would have the support of a nurse coach. Why? Because working in healthcare is an endeavor that takes your WHOLE ENTIRE SELF. While all healthcare professionals could use more support, my heart right now is with my fellow nurses. Specifically, I envision new graduate nurses, in their first year working as a nurse, having the support of a nurse coach to walk alongside them as they transition into their new role. To adequately explain the difficulty of this transition would take way too many words. That is why nurses coaching nurses just makes sense.

My goal is to achieve this vision by focusing on three key areas: coaching, teaching and research. More on teaching and research later; step 1 is officially launching my coaching business.

I named my business VisionShift, an homage to my own journey! My website is here:, and you can also ‘like’ my Facebook and Instagram pages. They are in their infancy but will shortly house items that can contribute to everyone’s health and well-being: healthy recipes (a collaborative effort with my best friend and husband Toby Stime), tips from myself and others on building and maintaining resiliency, reviews of local fitness options, and more.

Finally, this could not have been accomplished without the support of a few special individuals. I would like to thank Toby Stime for being my Chief Marketing and Social Media Officer, and Mallie Jane Kim for being Editor in Chief of my coaching website.

Thank you, friends, for your support!



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